Why The Earth Laughs In Flowers

The earth is a battered planet and it baffles me that she manages to smile, not to talk of laugh. The things the earth suffer make me weep for our dear planet, but even in the middle of such battering, it resurrects and smiles in flowers. She is the epitome of resilience. In the morning when she wakes, flowers wake up; they spread their beautiful petals for all to see.

The smiling petal that we see each day does not mean that all was that smooth, we never know the pains it took for that one seed to germinate. Well, even in the middle of adversity, the earth smiles. Let the rain fall in the desert and we realize that the desert may just be a garden waiting for water… and when the rain comes long enough, flowers smile from the belly of the earth.

All too sudden, the petals fold, and the battering of the sun is gone, the petals fold and wait for tomorrow when they will spring up again.

Of course, the earth makes amazing comebacks and life thrive where no one thought it could, but the flower of the earth are its beautiful people. Make your life beautiful and make someone smile.

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