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5 months ago
in Poem
Innocently the clock sits still like a studentThe seconds hand ticks past the minuteThe minute past the hour. Guiltily the...
5 months ago
in Poem
(…for Ogbonnaya Agwu and his irreplaceable loss. December 2015) It was just a simple phrase But when dropped, his world...
pexels-running for bus
8 months ago
Work is over. Grab your stuff. Wait for a bus or hail a taxi. Get home on time. That is...
8 months ago
…Before technology stole everything, “Anonymous” was a pen-full word! I have always been fascinated by celestial bodies (the skies- all...
Life is best lived by living. Sometimes, within safe ceilings, we should not limit children to conditioned expectations, we should...
(Let me seize the moment to say a quick bon voyage to someone whose absence has brought back crazy food...

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