Art is never finished, only abandoned.​

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1 hour ago
in Poem
Like termites around a mound They gather on you Soldier-ant men and women Expending energies until they wane Above your...
6 days ago
“Do you play football?” He asked. I looked up, wondering if I was in the right place. Yes, I know...
6 days ago
in Poem
Innocently, the clock sits still like a studentThe second’s hand ticks past the minuteThe minute past the hour. Guiltily, the...
6 days ago
in Poem
She stares at me, with laughing eyes like a Gypsy, there's a halo of tears above her racing heart, she...
3 months ago
111 years on, The Titanic still hangs over us. Today, sadly it is confirmed that 5 people onboard the submersible...
5 months ago
in Poem
Honesty. This is from a familiar place; Girl revolts against herself, Manoeuvres beliefs holding her in place, and hands boy...

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