There is one thing about engineering that I don’t like. It is the way it borrows words from other professions and claim them, taking the words as if they were its own.

The first time I heard the word “commissioning” at work, I was thinking of scissors and ribbons and agbadas and cameras and party and fanfare. That is what the media fueled my mind with from a tender age. Commissioning were times when politicians inaugurate completed projects, even when some of these are projects that would fail after a short time.

Commissioning means something else in engineering. Today it meant:

A wild fluid being surprisingly tame
and restless minds finally calmed
it also meant radios without music
and clocks telling Bars and not time

What about the people?

They were speaking in languages we heard but never understood,

They were talking about:
ALPHA without Omega
CHARLIE that was not a man
ECHO without reverberation
TANGO without dancers
ROMEO without Juliet
ROGER with no policeman getting a bribe

And they were saying “over” while still, and “standing by” while walking. I was surprised they “copied” without pen and paper,  and said they were “out” while still in the premises.

The way Engineering tries to mess with people’s head is not fair; the profession should invent its language and leave English alone.

Anyways, it went well, the commissioning.

#over and out!

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