you can eat your cake…ONLY WHEN YOU HAVE IT

“Yesterday was Pastry Day!” It was not declared by the United Nations, but by me. The excitement of the public holidays had made me think that a day was also included in the list of public holidays for pastries.

“I had a dream, in it, I went to work and missed pastry lessons, resulting in my being so sad.” was an entry I wrote months ago in my personal journal, and after receiving a parcel of chocolate and coconut cupcakes, the memories started flooding back.

You see, I have been boasting about food blogging and vlogging lately that the possibility is becoming believable. Sadly, most food bloggers don’t cook.

I cannot afford not to, not when I have Agnes Morgan as my “Nutritionist and Food Scientist”. She generously sends recipes, like one for what she called “giz-dodo”. Actually, she makes the best edible things in Uyo.

That day, I wanted to let her know that I have learnt more than what she taught me online. That was the idea behind this so-called Pastry Day.

Mum used to bake, she baked cakes that made me salivate from the gate when I return from school those days. So…I baked cake, and it came out black-brown!

It would have been easy to be dejected, but I started loving burnt cakes from that moment. I remembered reading that burnt food are antitoxins. As a few friends were at my place, I decided not to be overly apologetic but focus on what burnt cakes could do to the body. They said they enjoyed the cake in the end.

Acceptability is greatly affected by perception, and even more so by the perception of the person in focus.

If you do not appreciate the things you do, others wont. Don’t kill that tiny dream or hide that tiny idea. Let others laugh, that same mouth will praise you if you persist.

They say ‘you cannot eat your cake and have it’ but you should tell them that you have more than a cake and that you can eat your cake only when you have it!

#Broken dreams.Gathered hopes.Standing tall

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