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Lost But Found

I fought hard not to digress
For my struggles caused me distress.
I learned the pain of knowing pain,
Lost but found

I climbed mountains and treetops
Early in the morning to see dew drops,
I did all I could to stay sane
Lost but found.

I’ll return from the mountain with dew
Upon inhaling the aroma of mothers stew,
Her unfailing love was/is my gain
Lost but found.

Thankfully to my principles I stayed true
Aided by my circle of friends though few
To honour God; daily my conscience I did train,
Lost but Found.

Even in my despair,
I call myself rare,
For to no wrong ends did I bend
Lost but found

I was lost in pain but found
By my strength to which I’m bound.
My joy is like a farmer’s on sighting the rain
Lost but found.

Nsongurua Hanson

Lost But Found (audio)

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