By chance, you flew as time and tide comply

a dance of wings in colour-strangled air

like sails of ships in sand-and-sun Dubai

the marriage ‘tween your grace and tender care.

A guard around your heart this secret keep:

you yearn the one who takes away your pain

though take it long this gentle love to creep

you’ll wait while sipping nectar in the rain.

Sometimes you fool the fools to be a bee

a mask to shield your flapping gentle wings

with sweaty arms and tired heart, I’ll be

the willing petal of the early springs.

犀利士 ight=”248″/>

I’ll blow the horn and swiftly end the search

and stretch my arms that gently you might perch.

(After writing what I call “Crude Poetry”, I took a challenge and wrote a structured poem sometime in 2018. It was inspired by a flowerbed with butterflies in the venue of a wedding I attended. The anology of a butterfly and a bride was just irresistible! I know that you know that we both know that the story does not end here.)

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