There is a thin line between patience and waste of time


Sometimes I want this site to come up this very second, everything, but I have to be patient, a little or even a lot. It is crazy how everything turned out, but then I have to brace up and start again. I am happy the disappointment did not let me give up, this website is not a waste of time at all, it cannot be, you will not let it.

I hope the weekend will afford me the opportunity to put in a few hours, to complement the good work of Tobi and Ibukun, or at least to re-get myself used to this whole thing.

Now, today was the last day of the month, “is” actually and then there is a holiday lurking. It feels good to think of only returning to work on Tuesday but it also feels somehow because the weekend will really be busy.

Rosemary, the intern at work was leaving today too. Rose is one person that left a mark too with everyone, say someone we can mention after Chiamaka. It was interesting, remembering her thirst for knowledge, her questions and the tank model she worked on. She was a combination of “dynamites come in small packages” and “what a man can do, a woman can do better”. We will all surely miss her.

I had gone too to the bank today, just a hop in to inquire of the First Bank policy on Naira debit cards, or really the dollar cards. I need one now that this website will be running, and now that I am trying to avoid the mess of the Nigerian webhost that put us in that situation in the first place.

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