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“No matter how tall the okra is, the owner will still bend it to pluck its fruit”- a Nigerian proverb

They say harmattan is here, but I cannot really say. I can see dust settling but not really its cold. How will I feel it when the windows of the room were shut?

You know, being on a trip for a medical checkup and back on the same means I would be tired on return. We all were. There being public power supply ensured sleeping with both eyes closed. It was relaxing, to say the least.

Today did not stop having its own surprises.

I hope you know why I wrote this quote above? My younger brother finally came back after four days in Uyo. I thought he will not return. Of course he made the right choice by stopping there first as he may have no time to return there.

It was a very quiet day, except that people came to fix many things…but later, I felt I could relearn playing video games before sleep took over.

Well, my brother coming back meant sleeping late as there was a lot of catching up to do.

“The person that is well does not need a physician, but the ailing one does”- Jesus Christ

I was to leave for the hospital early this morning, but I could not leave until noon. I was a bit worried but on arrival, it happened to be the best time of going as I had to wait for less than an hour for the doctors to be through with a surgery before seeing me.

It was surprising to see many more patients, those I did not meet at several stages of injury, and those that wished to be like me who was coming for a check-up from home. Really, it is sad the things that people suffer. It is really God’s kingdom that can put an end to all of these.

The nurses were excited to see me. I also had the opportunity to eat roasted plantain and fish…but I did not eat it with my hand.

My check-up was brief, and I had a little “surgery” where one pin was pulled out from the bone. It was not too painful because they say I do not feel pain, the doctors did. It brought relief.

I met with most of My Family during the hospital stay. I love them soooooo much, these people that risked everything for me.

The journey to and from the hospital was fun. My brother said I was “officer” and “VIP” and “celebrity” because when they stopped the vehicle to either check the papers or get money and saw me, they will wave him to go and ‘wave me sorry’. The steel structure on my legs was strange.

We got home by 7pm and soon afterwards, there were people there to see me.

“Tomorrow is like the clouds”-Me

It was something I wrote years ago. Tomorrow is an unborn child, I wrote another time. You see, I had thought I will be at the hospital yesterday and then the tomorrow of yesterday which is today, but here I am.

Well, I had a scheduled visit by my secondary school classmates. I really did not deem it necessary as I will find it hard to recognize most of them. I did find it hard to recognize them, almost like seeing faint faces. I could remember some though behind beards and mature-looking faces, but I could not remember names.

In the end, they sang the school anthem which was strange, though I could remember that easily. They even brought me something.

It was a day we had family worship and we had a guest join us. It was amazing.

m happy.

“Love. Life. Family. Friends”- four most important words to me

I will not show it, but I am excited that my younger one is within the confines of the state. He arrived today and may only be home in days, but it does not bother me much as far as he is near. We have a decade of discussions to catch up with.

That my brother turned satirical lately, I mean making a mockery of me and the injury. Well, it was not a mockery, it was more like diffusing tension with humour. I really do hope Lagos did not dry him up like a stock fish.

It was not a bad start to the morning with my eldest brother calling as soon as I put on my phone. It was a call that lasted beyond an hour. You know, the guy is very good with ideas and I am not bad with reasoning.

Later, Tobi came along and the hot afternoon was soothed. Tobi even brought red wine to his “mentor”. My friend also called and will let someone polish my blog. I am happy.

“Love is all that matters”- in a song

I woke up this morning in…well, it depends on when I woke up…in pains or smiles. It was the right leg again. That boy is just so crazy, so disturbing. I wonder what I will do to the leg, it is somewhat annoying.

I knew I was calling the doctor today, but I did not know I will call him early, let alone nurse the feelings of going to Port Harcourt, but it happened. I woke up in great pains and my family around thought I was not made to bear even the slightest of pains.

In the end the trip got shifted. And shortly after that, I started having visitors. It was much of love that flowed in the air. That is all that matters.

“The pains of waiting are gone when the desired is achieved”- Me

I have endured some pains in the past two nights. They had gotten to my nerves…quite literally. I had to call the doctor yesterday when I could not sleep. It was my nerves on the right foot that kept me awake. The doctor prescribed something and I hope it works.

Today was a beautiful day. I was very busy. Yes, I had calls and visits, but the nurses came and did a wonderful work.

The whole of this is a matter of patience and I do feel pains after the nurses tend to me. Those pains will be gone in a near morrow.

“The masquerade has the ugly-faced”- An Ekid proverb

I was born and bred in a proud town. It was a town that called itself a “city” and nicknamed itself “the land of the whites”. As a kid, there were a lot of stories to support the legends and stories.

Others call the place Eket, but we know by its native name, Ekid. It really used to be a lovely and calm place…until one person set up a higher institution some years back.

Today was Eket day, a day that shops are closed until evening and masquerades in their numbers and variety gather at the Sports Stadium. I do know other events take place, but I am sure of the masquerades even when I have not attended the event before.

Eket day was usually held every third Friday of December, but I heard it is now held on the second Friday. I do not know the reason for the change and have been so much away that I have lost some touch with the town.

The holiday meant I had a lot of visitors today and the visits went into the night. Dad and mum came too, dad coming for the first time in a week, having been bereaved. It was so sad, the death.

About the masquerade, there is one that they say comes out only on Eket Day. It has the reputation of being the ugliest and scariest: Ekong Esit Urua!

“If you want to win my heart, it is simple: beat my sister” – Me, in several writings

It is funny what people think of me. Of course I agree with them that I have unconventional ideas often, but they too have unconventional ideas about me and romantic love.

On the one hand, they think I am not capable of romantic love because I do not ‘date up’, breakup and makeup at will. They think I have too much expectations for Mrs. Me that there will never be someone like that.

On the other hand, some think I can love too much. That even when Mrs. Me will be a glamorous model or TV presenter, I will so love her that she will feel like a princess, and buy flowers and all.

The thing is, I live a very private public life and a very public private life. It is THAT simple. That I do not hold hands with someone on Facebook does not mind…never mind. The formula for being Mrs. Me is/was simple too: beat my sister. I mean, defeat her…in many things.

My sister is Good, not just in name, but in everything. I mean, how can someone be willing to put half a year of her life (if need be) for me? At the hospital, caregiving at home, etc. I was thinking of hiring someone… and at home, there have been great meals, experimental ones too like egg suya. Today she prepared rice and I had it with cucumbers and ‘kitchen butterfly’ what she says is the real name of what I know as “Ndiya”, a fruit. That stuff was inside the rice like tiny carrot chops.

I had visitors again today. Two came early, one I the afternoon and two late on. We need sleep.

“If you have any word of encouragement, then say it” – The Bible

It could be boring staying home all day, all week, all month…but being bored is an option because there are many things to do to keep busy. I am hardly bored, you know, always busy even when my mobility is greatly reduced.

I had visitors early today, surprising visitors. One person is someone I have not seen in maybe a decade. They were from the congregation that preaches the territory my brother lives in.

It was encouraging to have them, to listen to their encouraging thoughts. You know, I have not shown you how my legs are, but people are often scared when they see it…the steel reinforcement around it and all of that. It is a fascinating engineering feat though.

I wanted to eat breakfast in the dining and I did. It was interesting, especially as there was joy with it as a family friend visited. We are especially fond of her…we are especially fond of many people.

Maybe it was the power supply, but I did have a siesta, something not in my dictionary usually. I was woken up by two visitors whom I did not meet before. My brother’s friends. You see, my brother is one person that does too many things for people. He is a people’s man.

I had yet other visitors at night, a night that was full of shocking football results.

“Beauty is not found in the eyes of the beholder, but in the heart of the holder” – Me

I have seen a lot of pretty people in my life. It is delightful to see pretty faces. Often, I associate them with a sort of consciousness, that knowledge that you need to appear good to any that will bother to take a look.

I have my disagreements though about beauty, I always do. Beauty is more than a pretty observable face, it is deeper. I think beauty is internal, it is very deep. And I think you are beautiful.

It is a cool thing, you know, being beautiful. Many times it starts from having a beautiful heart and a beautiful life.

The night was not hot, but the day was. The fan was useless but it was the warmth of the visits that I felt. I had many visits but I will mention the reunion with Tboy, and the hospital fun experiences crept in.

We had family worship later, and the focus was on our young ones Tobi and Happiness who both made us proud.

“Speak the truth to one another” – The Bible

Life is beautiful and lies are ugly. One thing I learnt today is why people lie. They commonly do this either to protect themselves or to promote themselves. It is not funny, that lies are so common and even acceptable should be a concern.

I woke up this morning to a very beautiful message. It was a real message and not a lie. It was the best way to start my day. Shortly afterwards was morning worship and then my sister and I attended Christian meetings online; though it was a repeat broadcast, it was lovely.

I needed all these soothing because I woke up with one of my legs feeling quite painful. It was the foot area. You know, I symbolically think of these two ailing legs as kids with stunted growth that do not want me to rest. I treat them as such.

The day itself went well and I had special visitors, the couple that wedded on Saturday. It was lovely to have them. Then I spent the rest of the day doing other things like exercising both my legs and mind.

My day ended in an equally beautiful way. Tobi won an international writing prize on a day he declared me the prime influence in his arts. I am so happy because Tobi is good at everything and deserves the best. I had my shot at prizes as a chap, several…and seeing the next generation take over and doing it on a larger scale puts smile on my face.

“Beauty is sometimes found in strange places” – Me

I have a bowl of fruits every morning since coming home, sometimes two and often a mixture of different types. My sister is this detailed person whose Food Chemistry knowledge make it seem as if she knows everything that is good for you. You cannot just resist her dishes and most of them are original and innovative…like egg suya.

Something happened when she took away the tray of fruits. There was a drop of water on the bedspread (I have ‘breakfast in bread’ always). It was a small drop and it was just beautiful. It was just beautiful. It was amazing where beauty could be found.

It was a busy day today, a very busy and hot one.

In the morning, I had tried to talk to you by updating this page but it did not work. I basically did spoil something by updating something, what is called a plugin.

I really have Tobi to thank for this our communication. He came today with David. That was after I got a surprise visit from the Garden City.

Mum and Sister did go for an event and came home with Elder Brother and One Other. Nothing could soil a beautiful day.

“To be loved is nothing, to love is something, but to love and be loved is everything” – Anonymous

I saw the above quotation in the social medial post of a friend that is getting married and it was so cute. The young couple seem quite happy and it is a beautiful thing. There are few things as lovely as reciprocated love. It is even cooler if the feelings come mutual even from the start.

Sadly though, reality shows that these feelings often fade and could disintegrate to something stronger than hate. I still keep wondering why people hate the same persons they vowed to love, and it was a public vow.

It was in light of the above (the hate) that I wrote what I published on the site this morning “Goodbye Paradise”. I know it is a controversial suggestion I made, but I never can fully understand how difficult it still is to walk away from a relationship that you know can end your life.

I got a comment to that post and it brought me to my senses. I am still learning a lot about life.

A family friend had a wedding today and I could not attend. Others attended for me. It was another day of staying at home, receiving visitors, working on my blog, exercising my ‘fractured’ legs, watching soccer and reading. It does not sound like a boring life to me.

I am really a person that likes to move about a lot and it will be surprising that I am talking about immobility with this ease.

I think many things are coped with if there is love. Love your life and then many more things will be in place.

“The world is so strange, sometimes we do not really know the things we wish for” – Me

I will not try to make myself look like a perfect person because I am not. Life is full of twists and turns that we end up living lives like dancers, trying to dodge the hurdles it throw at us.

I think it is because of these expected obstacles that we feel uneasy when some things about our lives seem too smooth. I suppose the thing about life that is most desired is love, and that seem to be the roughest of those things. Love could actually be smooth. What do I know about if anyways.

I think I read somewhere about love being compared to ice skating, it is so nice a comparison. It takes practice and trust to get a good performance from a pair. Within them, it is difficult, but to the onlookers, it is something beautiful.

Today was a beautiful day. I really want to talk less about my days these days because they could sound similar.

I really find the power situation to be strange, two hours of supply in a whole day. Without my legs at full throttle, I cannot put on the generator and neither can my sister. Even my mum was around. I had to “phone a friend”.

Love is all that matters, is it not?

“Today well-lived, makes yesterday a dream of happiness and every tomorrow a vision of hope” – a translation of an Egyptian hieroglyph

I never knew by how much a simple poem could influence a day, a poem called a poem by mistake. I woke up quite early this morning, as early as 4am. It is likely due to the fact that I took a siesta yesterday.

It was easy to know what I will do until daylight comes. I knew I will go through my phone, read up the daily text in advance and browse the news online. After this though and with time to spare, I felt funky and wanted to respond to a friend’s dilemma by sending a message addressing a concern.

It ended up being a poem that said a lot of things about life. I called it Yesterday. The decryption of ancient Egyptian writing is courtesy of Mrs. M. It was a nice quotation. There is surely wisdom in ancient writings. Today was a hot but okay day.

Tobi was around to help me set up more things on this website. You have him to thank. I had a late visitor and many calls…the first of which was from my cousin in the Garden City. She said that I was “fat on the face” and it got me worried. That call was by 5am. I need to try a face-reducing exercise…any idea

“’The man faster than time itself, can he escape death” – Daniel, a pre-teen

It is amazing where I learnt this from. I have a bestie in a Montessori school. It was int the same school that this little boy made my day with his quote. They had an Arts exam and he draw a running man and captured it thus. It was amazing. How can a kid think like this?

Today was a lovely day. I had a lot of fun things like one of the best dinners I have had. My brother has this attitude of insisting that I eat “out” four times a week and since I am housebound for now, it means having it delivered. This evening was one spicy chicken sauce and rice.

One friend named Ifiok came visiting in the evening, but by that time mum was long gone. He was here when we had our online Christian meetings, and part of the interesting football match that we watched.

I will not try to run faster than time.

“’Escort me’, ‘escort me’ na so slave trade take start” – A Pidgin proverb

We do a lot of things, but sometimes we do things because we see others do them. So basically we end up ‘escorting’ people. I was not alive when the slave trade happened, but if the Pidgin proverb above is to be taken seriously, it means that a lot of people ended up being slaves because they were curious, naive, and lacked a will of their own.

I am in no way suggesting that we should not consult or seek opinions when we are about to make important decisions but i am an advocate of being in charge of situations i’m responsible for and being involved in decisions that affect me.

I am thinking of the decision we finally made on the day of the accident with regards to the treatment I will receive for my fractured legs. Of course people had ideas and still do, but we stuck to what we understood and looked reasonable, though expensive. We went for the best place available, a specialist. It was God’s guidance.

Today we had family worship and my pin track wounds were dressed. Had visitors too. I am tired, but happy.

“Love is the elixir of life, love is life”-An English poet

I love life as much as I love you. The fact that you do not know the special person that I love does not mean that I do not, that is besides you.

I woke up today feeling pretty strong and excited. Honestly, I may live the most exciting life of anyone that is housebound, anyone in the world, really. Life is fun if you surround yourself with beautiful people.

There were a few disappointments as the nurses did not turn up today, but they will tomorrow. As other days, I had visitors, as early as one can imagine. I had 7 or 8 in all toady, but I must mention a friend and course mate coming all the way from Uyo, a city 45 minutes drive away,

The thing about love and life is that you should love as long as you are alive.

“Wonder, they say, lasts for seven days”-An English proverb

I am said to be a very mobile person and I am not shy to be thought of as such. I have however made the most of being in one vicinity, practically in and around the room of an orthopedic specialist hospital. Someone wanted to hire a psychologist for me, thinking that I will be depressed. He wanted to take care of the charges.

Well, I did not need a psychologist then and need none now because I was not depressed, i was rather impressed. It is funny, but I even thought I was the first person to have that medical condition.

You see, impression is a condition that one feels the love and care he receives has gone far beyond the point of normal human compassion, because the things done are extraordinary.

I will talk about this “medical condition” later and the fact that I may clamour for recognition as being “the first person to have the condition”.

Let me talk about today. It started lazy because I felt sleepy in the morning. It was one of those strange nights that I woke up and could not sleep until 3am. I had catching up to do though and breakfast was almost in a hurry.

I had Christian meetings online, the usual way I have had for the past two months. It was a very interesting meeting. I did talk to my best friend after it. The thing is, that radio link meeting was from somewhere very far.

There were many visitors today. I will protect their identity. You see, its 13 days, but I still have so much visitors. Wonder may last for 7 days, mine is an exception.

“…this your positivism is infectious”-Gold Udoekong

I will not share a lot with you today because it is as if we are learning how to talk to each other all over again. Even when we have the energy to, I do not think that we should spend time trading blames. We both know that we should have contacted each other. I missed you.

You will be hearing me talk about a lot of visitors in the coming weeks. I have visitors each day, phone calls every now and then…people who are heaping guilt on their heads and feeling I am entitled to their calls and care and visits and love. I am too loved, it is a fact.

It was an early day, today. You know, the normal things you do with ease, I now do them as someone having tons of time..bathing, for instance. My friend said I am on vacation, and I am sure it will last for at least five months, two of which are spent.

I had visits by some six persons today…let us talk tomorrow.

“Life is an unpredictable journey”-Me

I do not know who should apologize, myself or you. One thing I am sure is that it has been over two months of my missing you.

On that day, I had traveled with my laptop, for the sole reason of talking to you even when that journey was brief. I never got there, I never talked to you. You see, I had a terrible accident, but that was that. I moved on and saw so much love.

You see, i do not like spreading bad news, so I managed to hide it from you for long until I felt you will be strong enough to bear it.

I am still recovering, but I promise to tell you it in bits.

Let’s talk.

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