The Mirror Of Life: Why Survivors Lie

Survivors are not saints, so they don’t tell the whole truth, they are neither artist so they don’t paint the whole picture.

Sometimes, they are scared that you will be scared, worried that you will be too worried so, they don’t lie per se, they just lie low.

I know, some of them see life as a script so they write a storyline, and paint pictures so you can listen and imagine and wonder as they play to the theatre, taming the fears inside them with imaginary applause.

The truth is that survivors are scared. They build eggshells around the truth and imagine them to be strong concretes until one pin of reality punctures safe memories and the tears flood.

Yet, survivors are seers. Oh well, I meant see-rs. They see life as a piece of reflective surface that one can view from different angles and learn from.

So, whatever image they create from their stories or paintings, survivors want you to look at it and see a reflection of your own story and learn. Just pick your angle.

Yes, survivors are still novices in the job of living, but their stories sit there like a reflective statue, waiting for you to choose your angle, stare and learn from.

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