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They say tomorrow is cruel,
they say tomorrow is kind:
benignant or brutal, which one is she?

They say tomorrow is stale,
they say tomorrow is prime:
pregnant or barren, which one is she?

I stand with you Today,
Excited and afraid
On-sure to take this step
into tomorrow,

Is love not like a dance,
With many instructors but no one masters?
Is love not like a trance,
An involuntary script-less play full of actors?

If we sail our dreams above our fear
in a ship headed for tomorrow
We will see this future so near,
The same old far tomorrow.

This distant future we so dread,
May be staring at us just ahead,
If we believe and hold on to today,
We need just two more rows and we are there!

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Post Author: Effiong Samuel

I may be practicing another profession, but the lives we live is Arts. I have had an interesting life with three best friends: my pen, my pencil and my camera! Exploring our friendship will be worthwhile.

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