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(…for Effiong Samuel. December 25, 2018)

Is love really blind?

In my darkest moments I saw
love in its purest form.
I thought it would pass
how wrong I was.
How confused I became.
Each night I stared
at nothing
Each night I laid
on my aseptic bed wishing
that love would lose an eye
or both.
Yet love broke a leg
No, love broke both legs
And it seemed it wouldn’t end
though time was slowly ticking away.

Is love really blind?
I hid
that love may not see
How wrong I was.
Love sought
Love found me and left me in want
of her gentle touch
But love could only touch once, for it touched the right spot
Love could only call once
though many voices I heard.
I will never regret
the choices I made
in my mind, the moments we shared
And it seemed it would never end
though time was slowly ticking away.

Love really isn’t blind!
For I saw one out of many, out of few
out of two.
I leaned on a pillar, how happy I was
till a butterfly stole my attention
then I knew I could walk
I could run after this beautiful butterfly
and create moments under the sunlight.

A clear picture of me as someone else walks through my mind.
Love is not blind. Blind men see with their hands.
– Toiyo Benjamin

(This is my attempt to see the world through the eyes of Effiong Samuel’s mind during his months of living a life he is not used to. I hope I captured it in this piece)

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Post Author: Effiong Samuel

I may be practicing another profession, but the lives we live is Arts. I have had an interesting life with three best friends: my pen, my pencil and my camera! Exploring our friendship will be worthwhile.

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