Remarks by the host

When we thought of this competition, we had a lot of time to think, but we did not spend more than ten minutes to decide that Together Alone would be the theme.

Freedom meant you could define it the way you wanted, but convincing enough for the judges to agree. Confinement was 200 words and for you to wrap your writing around the pandemic, not necessarily in it.

I must say that we had very good entries, one first stage judge said two thirds of all received. That is massive. With that feedback, we decided to increase the prizes ‘behind your backs’.

It was a thrilling process, weeping over good works that did not make the cut, praying over others that did to make the top five and watching as the excel plotted itself out as final judges submitted results and calling on a standby judge or ‘tie breaker’ to submit her results and break a tie in the middle positions. So you see, we were together in this.

The judging process was rigorous, and the judges ‘judged blindly’ with no detail of the contestants revealed to them. The judges that selected the shortlist only contacted each other while the final judges never did or knew themselves. We wanted as much transparency as possible.

Congratulations to all the contestants, writers of approved entries, shortlisted entries, the top five and especially the overall winner.

Effiong Samuel

Effiong Samuel


Now, the winners…

Mfon James

Mfon James

5th Place

Omale Angela

4th Place

Raphael Francis

3rd Place

Nkpouto Benjamin

2nd Place

Adhaeze Wokhe