2019 Contests

Here, you can find the previous contests held here and details concerning the winners.

MANGORO Writing Season


Mangoro Contest Begins

The contest began with Poetry writing as eligible entrants were told to write a poem on the theme: TO LIVE AGAIN


Mangoro Contest Ends

The contest ended; entrants and judges were served entry acknowledgements and entry compilation respectively.


Results Announced!

Winners were given their prizes and consolation prizes were given to some others in the longlist.



Find below the list of those who won this contest!

1st Place for the prize:



Blessing Iren


This competition, I must say is a fair and considerate one. Perfect … and a good platform to inspire and motive people.

Free me, don’t hold unto me
Be you, you have potentials they need to see.
I know you hurt badly
But what happens to family
When you take away your last breath?
Who will smile at you when you’re wrecked?
I am suicide but I don’t want you.

2nd Place for the prize:



Adebisi Temidayo


Thank you so much for the opportunity afforded me by your great platform. I love poetry and emerging second is a big encouragement; I really appreciate.

The thought to end it all
Clenched your heart
Some minutes away
You’ll breathe your last
Only if you knew how promising plan B was
And why A had failed just to give way
You’d drop that bane
And fight for feat
First, your fears!
Fight to live another day

3rd Place for the prize:



Mfon Idim

ICT Expert

I have always been the type of person that uses challenges to improve on and encourage myself. The platform gave me the ground to explore and see how much other talents there is around from my fellow contestants. I’m grateful.

I longed for fame
Failed to live.
Wealth, class, I’d attain.
Cared not from where I received,
Hook, crook, all the same.
I failed to see
To live is to give
I lived just for my name.
Now famous, alone, and filled with grief
All I wish, to live again.