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That is “good morning” in Ogoja.  This second day would be spent in visiting places around town and beyond.  First let’s go to the market.

The market was ancient, but big.  Foodstuff was cheap  and we also visited a rice mill.

When the shopping was over, we went to see the Cross River Basin Authority irrigation project.  Our host referred to us as “young farmers” and encouraged all to take up agriculture as a profession and contribute to feeding the nation.  Time will tell if this agricultural seed he sew in our hearts will grow.  In the meantime, we had free watermelon seeds to plant.

For two hours, the vehicle raced until we were at Obudu town, which is characterized by mountain ranges.  However, we were interested in another feature of nature: people!  They were students and even some teachers of a school for the visually handicapped at Obudu.

It was encouraging to know that these ones have refused to condemn themselves to street beggars but view their predicament as a challenge that they should overcome.  No, they did not want to be pitied, but regard themselves as normal individuals who should contribute to the betterment of the society.  Some, we learnt have gone ahead to achieve their dreams.

This was a place that the blind see visions that most sighted men do not.  What a challenge it was. Every situation is a vantage position that live could be approached from, no situation is totally hopeless.

There were  mountain ranges on both sides of the road, some covered by the clouds, down to the honey depot at Utanga.

Honey is sweeter if it is free, but the bee seemed to police us, stinging any who may have had too much of this nutritious brown, viscous liquid.

The dusk was descending fast, so we had just a little time to stop at a small dam before driving back to Ogoja to spend the second night.  The insecticide we used made my sleep mosquito free,

…Ugougo! Goodnight!

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