To See Your Face

The evergreen bush is set ablaze

By the merciless heat rays

It scourges my gentle rose

Now from my eyes tears flow

The sun has sunk, the day is cold

My tales to the trees I’ve told:

That I cannot behold

Your face, so gentle, so bold

Again another hopeless day has gone by

Again your memories have made me shy

For with you, my heart is full of smiles

Like one who is lucky with the dice

Who will help me bear the tears?

Who will guide me through my fears?

When you are my shoulder, my shelter

My hope for something better

Oh that I may see your face

Oh that your footsteps I could trace

That your troubles will be my share

Your cry for help I can hear

But you are lost and gone

Like a ship wrecked in a storm

And now my wish has become

The mere sound of a metal gong

Oh that I may see your face

That my racing mind might rest

Then, away I will cast my fears

I would put away my tears

For your love has burnt through me

Your smile has engulfed me

Like the strong waves of the sea

Sweeping through the bars of the beach

But you are lost and gone

With these feelings for you so strong

A mere memory you have now become

One that would linger for long

How I long to see your face

How I long to behold your grace

But you are lost and gone

And only the trees have heard my song!

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