She stares at me, 
with laughing eyes like a Gypsy,
there's a halo of tears 
above her racing heart, she may be tipsy.
Is it beer, or the burden life bears?  
I do not know...
or did it just glow: this heart of a million 
words of love uttered silently?
Enigma stands, beside Riyom Rocks a con
    -fusion! Yet I roamed those hills: too proud to peer, too proud to wear,
          my soul on my neck, afraid of a world with ears…
Time walked犀利士
 in as my willing slave, yet she stood like a statue, unwilling to fight
    so Time bottled her tears, and listened to the words unsaid: 
        between ears, pearls hidden in a glove...
the things we left for Tomorrow:
  in cages, in chains, on paused lips; the heap of words on our chests, unspoken;
      her will to wrestle my heart –unbroken– safe from the whispering world...
Time walked out as my billing master, yet I stood like a statue, unwilling to fight.
    so Time poured away her tears, and freed those words unsaid:
        into space, leaving this puzzle unsolved…
a cocktail of Joy and sorrow:
  in stages, with pens, in false beeps; the gifts of worth in a chest, unopened; 
      my will to wrestle her heart a broken safe in the whispering world...
I stared at her, with longing eyes like the deep sea,
there's a halo of fears above my pounding heart, I may be dizzy.
Is it wine, or the feeling of man-kind? I do not know...
or did time just blow, away into oblivion, 
a love that was meant to be?

(The poem was written in memory of an elusive character (Joy) in my unpublished 2011 story, “The Mysterious Treasure”, a book whose manuscript, after years of passing hands, basically disappeared).

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