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The Thief Around Your Neck

If nothing has been stolen from you in Lagos, then you are lucky. I thought I was careful enough to avoid this menace when I lost something very valuable, stolen from me from someone trying hard to be nice. That was then, when my Lagos sojourn was still young. Well, I could be excused because...
June 13, 2018
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Human Traffic

In Lagos, words and phrases have a different meaning from what they do elsewhere. We adopt one attitude: turning what annoys us to something that amuses us and laughing it off with humour. That is the Spirit of Lagos! So, when you are on your way to work and you see people struggling to pass...
June 12, 2018
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you either Make It or Make-eat

Yesterday was Eyo Festival, I hear, and I would have missed seeing an eyo masquerade for the first time until someone tapped me and pointed to one. It has taken some three years of curiosity and expectation. It is not that the eyo is special to me, but prior to moving to Lagos I had…

May 21, 2018
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The Mask-Coo-Raid

When and where I was born, masquerades were dreaded by kids, especially when they heard the stories told about these things. This was not a place with mud houses and thatch, but a city in the Nigerian sense, and masquerades were prominent in the -ember months. I was so scared of masquerades that I would...
April 28, 2018
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Don’t Kiss the Wrong Bride

In Lagos, ‘public kissing’ is allowed. I am not thinking what you are thinking. You cannot drive in Lagos without your vehicle hitting another or another vehicle hitting yours. Depending on the level of dent, it could be a ‘hit’, ‘jam’, ‘bash’ or ‘kiss’. Kisses are the most tolerated ones, there will hardly be a…

March 22, 2018
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