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They say tomorrow is cruel, they say tomorrow is kind: benignant or brutal, which one is she? They say tomorrow is stale, they say tomorrow is prime: pregnant or barren, which one is she? I stand with you Today, Excited and afraid On-sure to take this step into tomorrow, Is love not like a dance, […]


Yesterday I saw a bloom Of two pretty flowers Blossoming in beauty Today they predict a doom Of these two pretty flowers Crumbling in tomorrow’s duty They say time is such a foe They say the future we do not know But should this stop us to sow? For the tomorrow we all fear Is […]

Tales of the Iron Man-1

On the hard bed he lay Both hands tied a-cross Fleeting shadows flew past his mind Swiftly, like wool scattered by the storm “Where are the ones I love?” He asked in unconscious stare Eyelids flickering like a blossomed rose Veins sucking Normal Saline Hole after hole the drilling machine stormed Spanners worked on the […]

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