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By chance you flew as time and tide comply
A dance of wings in colour-strangled  air
Like sails of ship in Sand and Sun Dubai
The marriage ‘tween your grace and tender care.

A guard around your heart this secret keep:
You yearn the one who takes away your pain
Though take it long this gentle love to creep
You’ll wait while sipping nectar in the rain.

Sometimes you fool the fools to be a bee
A mask to shield your flapping gentle wings
With sweaty arms and tired heart I’ll be
The willing petal of the early springs.

I’ll blow the horn and swiftly end the search
And stretch my arms that gently you might perch.

by Effiong Samuel

Written: 26/07/18.

Type: Shakespearean Sonnet or something like it.

Inspiration: Nature and something/someone unnamed.

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Post Author: Effiong Samuel

I may be practicing another profession, but the lives we live is Arts. I have had an interesting life with three best friends: my pen, my pencil and my camera! Exploring our friendship will be worthwhile.

3 Replies to “Butterfly1 min(s) read

  1. Toiyo, are you the only one that saw that? You do know the butterfly, don’t you? I suppose too that people/things have a right to their privacy. Many thanks for reading.

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