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Welcome! I am Effiong Samuel, and this is my personal blog. After years of rebuffed pressure, I started my blog in April 2018 because I had lost 60% of all my works. I wanted it to be archival and a sort of bank where I dump old writings


As soon as it was started, I realized that what I needed to preserve were not old works, but the tiny artistic thoughts in my head which were shown in the journals I kept, the sketches I made, the photographs I took and the life I lived.

It was imperative that the focus of this blog should reflect this and my desire to appreciate and promote what other people do.

I believe that Art is everything around us and the way we live, and you being here with me is amazing.

My Art is complete, not because I engage in many aspects of it, but because by living and expressing life, I am an artist.

In my pastime, I am a writer, blogger, traveller and photographer. Of course, I am not a professional in any of these, but they are part of my life.

With the help of my friends: my Pen, Pencil and Camera, I have used every opportunity I have to paint life in vivid canvas; but this seemingly exciting journey has actually been thriving out of a sheer desire to clamp down on the artistic part of my life.

Perhaps it will be difficult to classify what I do, it is for me too; but I am so glad that it has made me meet you.

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