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I grew up listening to folktales. Often, those stories were about the tortoise and how cunning and ‘wise’ these slow creatures are.

Well, my generation did not question those stories like young ones today would because at the end of the stories there were moral lessons clearly spelt out.

One of those stories I remember is Tortoise In The House of Food.

From other stories, it was emphasized that tortoise loves food.  Many times in life, when we have the things we needed and love in abundance, they bore us. Food did not bore tortoise. Arts does not bore me.

Food is life. Arts is life.


We attend the "Lagos Busy-ness School"

but take time off its bustle and reflect the lessons of Life

Though we belong to different Schools of Thought

Don't mask your true feelings

Let it echo above the noise of Eko

and paint a Mental Picture

only then can you smile with both of us

As you move along the steps of your dream the Tortoise

In the House of Food

With too many options

But the eye is never satisfied

sometimes I wonder...

Are we not,

Also the Artworks of Nature?

A sculpture, a canvas, a painting...

an exhibition in the gallery called Earth?

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Nike Arts Gallery is one of the largest art galleries on the continent and is located in Lekki, Lagos. There are no charges for entry or photographs, but for the sake of copyrights individual artworks should be taken photograph of with someone appearing in the picture.

The experience of being in a place with so much volume and variety of artworks was overwhelming. An entire day was not enough to explore. Find out time to visit this unique place.

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Post Author: Effiong Samuel

I may be practicing another profession, but the lives we live is Arts. I have had an interesting life with three best friends: my pen, my pencil and my camera! Exploring our friendship will be worthwhile.

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