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The Sinner

For three teen-years I was perhaps the ‘Rock’ upon which my father built his church, and the object of his Sunday chastity sermons. My body, he said, was “God’s Temple.” Often, the Devil sends Ada to tempt me with pinches during Choir Practice, but I always overcome, never looking at her face. This evening was...
March 30, 2018
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Touring Cross River: Day 1(Where the Trees are Satisfied)

TOURING CROSS RIVER DAY 1: WHERE THE TREES ARE SATISFIED. The month was August. Twenty four people of virtually all ages were cramped into a bus. At every available space were luggage of all sizes. Students were on uniform, ex-students and teachers were in plain clothes. They were not running away from hostility but on...
March 30, 2018
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Let’s Talk About Sex

Let me start with you, especially if you are young. How are you reading this article? What will you do if someone tries to look over your shoulder at what you are reading? Probably you may think of quickly scrolling to another page, pretending that you were reading something else. I will not blame you...
March 29, 2018
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Life is a Solitary Race

(Art by Effiong Samuel, Jun,2009; courtesy Environment Photocopy Book by Ellis Monk Et al.) Rhinos are very solitary animals, when the next calf is born, 'youngsters' are driven off to find their own territories. They often learn to survive by holding on to their respective territories. Life is a solitary race, so no one will...
March 28, 2018
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“I Want to be a…” Their Dreams, Your Dreams and You.

When next you meet a child, try asking him what he wants to be in future and you may be surprised at the things you will hear. Perhaps, what should be of more importance to us is the passion children attach to their dream careers. Recently, I visited two kids close to where I live....
March 26, 2018
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Long-radius Elbow

LONG-RADIUS ELBOW I watch football a lot, but I do not always agree with all the rules: offside, tackles, penalties and many more. I also disagree with the uneven way punishments are sometimes meted out during a match. For example, I still find it hard to comprehend why an elbow is such a crime. Two...
March 24, 2018
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